Wary of the potential contamination of food packaging materials
2014-01-02 20:52:22

In recent years, food safety issues more and more people pay attention, but the potential for food packaging food

Invisible hazards

November 2005 , the Swiss company Nestle announced the discovery of packaging printing inks penetrate milk products, decided to put on the European market recall of infant formula milk ; April 2006 , Shijiazhuang seized a " waste discs made ​​of ' poison bottle ' " shocking incident ...... these examples .

Cai Jianguo said that most of our food packaging materials , benzene unavoidable circumstances . This is because benzene is a good solvent, the resin material has dissolved ability , volatile fast, cheap , etc., so that is mainly used for adhesive composite packaging materials , and plastic printing ink solvents.

However , benzene substances in the world, has been recognized as one of the possible carcinogenic substances stronger . Some experts pointed out that the food flexible packaging composite materials used in the process is bound to glue , and fragrant aromatic and aliphatic glue , etc. may be contained in the body to produce healthy substances interfere to some extent . Some packaged foods allow the food packaging associated with high-temperature cooking food after heating , free of certain hazardous substances will come out during the heating infiltrated the food .

Strengthen the combing

Cai Jianguo said that China in food packaging laws and regulations are still missing, resulting in insufficient basis functions in law enforcement , management can not place.

CAI members suggestions : authorities should organize experts to be used in food packaging materials, printing inks and glues and other special sort , allowing the use of the products listed in the directory listing of food packaging materials used in packaging , printing inks and adhesive glue and other basic resources , production and implementation of the management and use of the license certification , and guide food processing companies use certified non-toxic packaging materials. Research departments to increase research on food packaging materials , developed in line with food hygiene requirements, are non-toxic to humans and the environment friendly products , study the formation of national standards, and to promote the implementation . Food hygiene and quarantine departments should be in conjunction with the relevant parties as soon as the body of food packaging materials and food are brought together in the detection range.

The risk of contamination is often overlooked. Cai Jianguo CPPCC proposal calls : To make laws to regulate as soon as possible , so that food safety is not left behind in the management of blind corners.