Global Packaging Machinery Market Situation and Outlook
2014-01-02 20:59:34

In early 2008, a crisis triggered by the U.S. subprime mortgage financial crisis amok, and gradually spread around the world, all walks of life and therefore are subject to varying degrees of impact. For the packaging industry is concerned, although it has been no small impact, but on the packaging products and packaging machinery market development trend, the packaging industry is still some room for development

Global packaging machinery market
1,2012 global packaging machinery market demand is expected to reach $ 39.8 billion

According to Freedonia consulting firm survey data show that in 2008 the world of packaging equipment market demand due to the impact of the financial crisis , have compromised the expected $ 31 billion , down about $ 28 billion .

According to experts expect , despite the financial crisis struck , but the world packaging machinery market demand will remain 5.2 percent annual growth rate in 2012 is expected to reach $ 39.8 billion . The reason why there is such a speech, because while the economy has slowed, but is still in the way of progress, people's daily consumption ( especially food ) is still in the ranks of the increase , which led to the development of the packaging market , as well as manufacturers of packaging demand for packaging equipment. For now, many have entered the global packaging equipment replacement period , the investment in fixed assets of enterprises in order to survive in the increasingly fierce competition in the market is bound to do. You can invest in new equipment to improve production efficiency , flexibility , reliability, thereby reducing material waste .

The next few years , packaging equipment sales in developing countries and regions will exceed sales in developed countries and regions ( such as Japan , the United States and Western Europe) . The largest developing countries - China , the demand for packaging equipment by 2012 more than 3.3 billion U.S. dollars , which surpassed the U.S. as the world's largest market . In India and Russia , as well as in low-volume markets such as Ukraine , Iran, Indonesia , Malaysia , Saudi Arabia, Mexico , South Africa and Turkey, the market demand for packaging equipment also has some upside .

Although in some countries , such as Britain, Germany , Italy and Japan , demand for packaging equipment will be relatively slow, but there will be some growth. On the other hand , packaging equipment manufacturing will also be rising faster in developing countries , but equipment manufacturing capacity is still led by the industrialized countries. By 2012 , Western Europe, Japan and the United States will continue to occupy 2 /3 of the packaging machinery manufacturing market .